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Category: exhibitions

Matres Havana Festival

Finally resuming after about three years of interruption due to the global pandemic, the traveling version of the Matres International Festival Di Ceramica Femminile; so, after the success of the event [...]

Designer Officine Ceramiche Award

Exhibition with awards in the context of Matres Festival and catalog printing THE NOTICE IS OPEN TO ALL PURPOSESOfficer Ceramics Award (by Pandora Ceramiste&CeramicaAlta) is the [...]

Matres Festival 2022 Call for Visions Exhibition

Exhibition with award ceremonies in the context of the Matres Festival and catalog printing THE NOTICE IS EXCLUSIVELY DEDICATED TO WOMEN CERAMISTS. PURPOSEThe Matres Festival will be developed around [...]

Matres Festival 2020

Since 2018, the Project "Matres - International Women's Ceramics Festival" has been running with the First Biennial Festival. This event has been [...]

Matres Terrae ceramics & design

It is also in the vein of our "Women's Ceramics Project," which has been undertaken for years by the Pandora Association of Women Artists Ceramists, that we are promoting the women's ceramics exhibition "Matres [...]

Matres Naturantis

The Croatian international event "EARTH ELEVATION" led to "Matres Naturantis," a double installation in continuity with the path started in Croatia. Ceramic elements at [...]

Matres Week Earth

The weekend of ceramics organized by AiCC and AEuCC this year will see us in the spotlight with a series of events all aimed at green evolution and the environment.After [...]


April 22, 2021 World Earth Day Thanks to the project of artist Sandra Ban and our manager for Croatia, the #earthelevation event begins One hundred [...]

The visions of the matres festival 2022

Held on the last weekend of August 2022 at the cities of Cava de' Tirreni and Vietri sul Mare, the Matres international ceramics festival [...]

Ceramic workshops award 2022

There was great success with the large number of participants in the first edition of the Officine Ceramiche Award 2022 designer competition: 75 registered participants who [...]

Symbola Collaborative work

Images from the Matres Havana Festival The Matres Havana Festival experience, which brought to Cuba a large international representation of the APS [...]

Matres Terrae ceramics & design

The "Matres Terrae ceramics & design" exhibition held at the Museo Provinciale Campano in Capua recently concluded (25-11- 2021, [...]


Speaking of ceramics, art and women, we cannot fail to mention the friendship that binds these four ceramists, more or less from Faenza, and their [...]