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Pandora Potters Artist

Our association

About Us

The ‘Pandora Artiste Ceramiste Association’ was established as a group already in September 2012. Officially born in November 2013, became the "protagonist of many events and exhibitions, which involved many Italian and foreign artists in passion, enthusiasm and love for ceramics". The purpose of the Association is to enhance and promote the "feminine" Art of Ceramics, in order to generally support women through the ceramic creations. The Association activity has focused on ceramics as a creative and educational tool to respect both oneself and others. So, in accordance with ceramic ambivalent characteristic, "resistance in fragility", it is mainly addressed to women. The goals are: activate projects and events designed and operated by women; open to a different vision of things; overcome any interest of the productive category and implement cultural operations capable of renovation in our society. Among the cornerstone projects there is the "women's ceramic project" which starts from the conscious use of ceramics as a vehicle for spreading a cultural process of change among women for a new society, giving hope to re-appropriate broken ties and relationships, in a new and global vision. The biennial “Matres - International Festival of Female Ceramics” started in 2018 with the first edition. This event had great success, and gave rise to the opening of new delegations of the Association throughout Italy and Europe. Headquarters is in Cava de' Tirreni, the city currently identified as "Cava the city of women". Further strengthening of the Association's unique activity came from having been awarded internationally by the European group AEuCC (As. Città Cer.EU) in December 2018

The call for applications to join the 2022 Edition of Matres - Festival of Female Ceramics will shortly start.

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