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Pandora proposes to support, develop, promote and enhance the primarily female ceramic reality present in the territories covered by members; exchanging and developing innovative tools and approaches aimed at supporting tradition and culture, increasing the creation of new products and designs, giving new impulses and by supporting new markets for companies and artisans in the ceramic sector - - all this by improving the ceramic sector itself through training and promotion.

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If you wish to propose an event (exhibition, workshop, outdoor ovens, ceramic book presentation, or other type of ceramics event), please complete and send the appropriate form.

Officine Ceramiche Award

Officine Ceramiche Award

The biennial competition supports and promotes artists who work with ceramics in contemporary art and collectible design. Up for grabs 2000 € and numerous secondary prizes in collaboration with important international partners. we invite you to fill in and send the appropriate form.

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Matres Festival 2022. All the info

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Designer Officine Ceramiche Award

Esposizione con premiazioni nel contesto del Matres  Festival e stampa catalogo IL BANDO È APERTO A TUTTI FINALITÀOfficine Ceramiche Award (by Pandora Ceramiste&CeramicaAlta) è il […]

Matres Festival 2022 Call for Visions Exhibition

Exhibition with awards in the context of the Matres Festival and catalog printing THE NOTICE IS EXCLUSIVELY DEDICATED TO WOMEN CERAMISTS. PURPOSE The Matres Festival will develop around

Matres Festival 2022

IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO BE THERE. The Matres Festival takes place among the most beautiful areas in the world, that of the Amalfi coast. For three days the cities of

Matres Festival 2020

Dal 2018 il Progetto “Matres - Festival Internazionale della Ceramica al Femminile” ha avuto corso con la Prima edizione del Festival biennale. Tale evento si […]

Matres Terrae ceramics & design

È sempre nel solco del nostro “Progetto ceramica donna”, da anni intrapreso dall’Associazione Pandora Artiste Ceramiste, che promuoviamo la mostra di ceramica al femminile “Matres […]

Red Ceramic Shoes to say NO to violence against women

Anche quest’anno, in occasione della Giornata internazionale contro la violenza sulle donne, l’Associazione Pandora Artiste Ceramiste partecipa alla 5a Edizione del progetto dell’Associazione Italiana Città […]

Women Ceramics