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Matres Havana Festival

Symbola - Signs of Identity in Women's Ceramics


Havana, National Museum of Cuban Contemporary Ceramics April 25-28, 2023

Finally resuming after about three years of interruption due to the worldwide pandemic, the traveling version of the Matres International Festival Di Ceramica Femminile; so, after the success of last August's event between Cava de' Tirreni and Vietri sul Mare, the Festival arrives in Havana next April 25-28! The event is promoted by APS PANDORA ARTISTS CERAMISTS, the National Museum of Cuban Contemporary Ceramics and the Korean Women Ceramist Association. The group exhibition: "Symbola - Signs of Identity in Women's Ceramics." is organized within the beautiful Havana Museum of Contemporary Ceramics. The exhibition aims to propose an anthropological reflection on the 'interpretation of ceramic objects, represented in contexts related to the female world that symbolize and narrate the historical and futuristic evolution of women. The exhibition will remain on display from April 28 to June 2, 2023.The event will be enriched by planned side events, including "workshops, conferences, performances, attention to social, environmental but, above all exchanges of experiences to encourage and research ways and means of development with innovative approaches to the cultural and economic purposes of 'international interchange.


SUNDAY, 4/23/2023
10:00 a.m.
Opening of the Matres Havana Festival
Welcome cocktail

Visit to the permanent collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Cuban Ceramics.

Presentation of the books Cuban Women Ceramists: the postmodern canon and Evoking Art. Critical Approach to the Work of Teresa Sánchez Bravo.

Location: National Museum of Ceramics, located at Mercaderes No. 27, corner of Amargura, Old Havana

Tour of Havana's historic center
Experimental Graphic Laboratory

Fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña for the cannon firing ceremony.

MONDAY, 04/24/2023
Meet at Plaza de Armas, Old Havana for a guided tour of the Havana Temple and City Museum. In charge of historian Dr. Michael González Sánchez

Visit to the Restoration and Design Center (ReDi), Cabinet and Archaeological Museum, Old Havana. In charge of specialists Antonio Quevedo, Andy Gómez y Lisette Roura.

Editing the exhibition Symbola. Identity traces of women in ceramics. From Italy to Havana .

Location: Museum of Ceramics, Mercaderes No.27, corner of Amargura, Old Havana

Guided tour of Lizt Alfonso Dance Company Cuba / Performance

Location: Compostela Street, Old Havana

TUESDAY, 04/25/2023
10:00 - 13:30
Theoretical event
Presentations by:
Surisday Reyes Martínez / Director of the National Museum of Contemporary Cuban Ceramics. Office of the Historian of the City of Havana.
Anna Rita Fasano / President Pandora Association of Ceramic Artists
Vito Ferrantelli / President of the City of Burgio (AG) and member of the Italian Association of Ceramic Cities (AICC)
Gumsun Kim / Board Member of the Korean Ceramic Artists Association (KWCA)
Gabriella Taddeo / Coordinator Creative City Museum - Salerno
Teresa Sánchez Bravo / Artist and pofessor at the Academy of Plastic Arts "San Alejandro," Havana
Dorna Abyak/ artist - ceramicist d´Iran "Women´s ceramic art in Iran"
Stefania Spanedda/ artist - Italian ceramicist creator of the international project "The Other Story: discovering the Mother Goddess"
Mirta Morigi /artist -ceramist from Faenza "With hands and with the heart 50 años de cerámica"

Location: Cuba-Europe Relations Interpretation Center. Second Palace of the Cape, O´Reilly and Tacón, Plaza de Armas, Old Havana.

Guided tour of Vedado and Miramar

17:30 - 19:30
Visit to the Santacana Studio Workshop
Location: Reparto Flores, Playa Municipality, Havana


WEDNESDAY, 4/26/2023
10:00 - 16:00
Workshops held by artists: Amelia Carballo, Yoonmi Eo, Mirta Morigi, Stefania Spanedda, Dorna Abyak, Shohreh Haghighi, Marcela Balbontin Montero and Emilia Balestrieri
Location: Calle Corral Falso, No. 259, between Potosí and San Juan Bosco, Guanabacoa, Havana
THURSDAY, 4/27/2023
10:00 am.
Visit to Havana's Royal Force Castle, Plaza de Armas. Curated by director Antonio Quevedo.
Location: Plaza de Armas, Old Havana

Raku demonstration in the workshop of Amelia Carballo and Ángel Norniella
Location: Terracotta Workshop 4, Mercaderes Street, between Lamparilla and Obra Pía, Old Havana)

Workshop session and exchange of experiences between Cuban and international artists
"Porcelain Miniatures" workshop held by artist Marina Rodríguez
Location: National Museum of Contemporary Cuban Ceramics, Calle Mercaderes No. 27, corner of Amargura, Old Havana

FRIDAY, 4/28/2023
Opening of the exhibition Symbola. Identity Signs of Women in Ceramics. From Italy to Havana . Matres Havana Festival 2023.
Closing of the Matres Havana Festival
Location: National Museum of Contemporary Cuban Ceramics, Calle Mercaderes No. 27, corner of Amargura, Old Havana