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An intense program of exhibitions, conferences, workshops, social purposes and much more, in great connection between local and global in search of new answers and solutions!!!

HERE WE ARE coming soon with the new edition of Matres International Women's Ceramics Festival 2024; it will be held August 21-25 between Cava de' Tirreni, Vietri sul Mare and other related cities. It will be an even richer and more meaningful edition than the previous ones!

     An extraordinary event celebrating women's art and creativity from around the world.

An extensive program - on the way to ceramics - made of events, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, social purposes, environment, guided tours, demonstrations, performances, outdoor ovens, primitive cooking, markets. A program in great connection between local and global in search of new answers and solutions!!!

      The theme of this edition is - primitivism -. A return to the origins, where the search for the true dimension of the human being and society takes off from the call to 'primordial and archaic experience, as a reason for cultural and aesthetic inspiration.

        A search for women ceramic artists, the driving force of the Festival, where from the past, it is the same "Matres" that guides the spirit of union of the many cultural and ideological contaminations increasingly present in our contemporary. A spirit that addresses diversity and interference as an enrichment for inclusion and positive integration. A Festival to explore and appreciate the art of ceramics, but also a time to join a global debate on innovative artistic and craft proposals, social inclusion and enhancement of cultural, tourist and environmental heritage.