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The Matres example of cultural enterprise

Just a few months ago, the biennial [...]

Women's stories

"...a hand characteristic of the Salerno area, famous for Vietri, you [...]

From tradition to innovation

Angeliki Papadopoulou is a Greek ceramic artist, her work falls within the [...]

Signs of a postmodern sensibility

The work of Martha Jiménez, Teresa Sánchez, Lisbet M. Fernández [...]

Lucie Rie the grande dame of ceramics

I would like to begin my contribution to this inaugural issue of [...]

Thai women through thai contemporary arts

The "wealth is under the land and water" so says [...]

Matres Korea

THE KWCAGood morning, I am Gumsun Kim, the president of KWCA.I am pleased [...]

Infinity is reflected in the visions of the shipibo women

It is a fascinating story of the Shipibo- Konibo women, great [...]

A letter from Kaunas

2022 is the year of Kaunas as the "European Capital of [...]

Casa de Yokavil

The main objective of the CASA DE YOKAVIL program is to investigate [...]

The sustainable art of the Earthforest Residence

The knowledge that art leaves marks, as well as on the spirit, [...]