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A letter from Kaunas

Member of the Lithuanian Artists' Union and the Head of the Ceramics Department of Kaunas City

Kaunas Lithuania

Kristina Ancutaitė

2022 is the year of Kaunas as the European Capital of Culture 

Dear friends, Let me introduce myself: I‘m Kristina Ancutaitė, ceramist, architect, lecturer, member of the Lithuanian Artists' Union and the head of the ceramics department of Kaunas city. Fate led me to meet Anna Rita Fasano during a friendship event between the cities of Kaunas and Cava de' Tirreni during a period of Covid-19 lockdown. I am very much obliged to Anna Rita for her invitation to join the Matres Festival and other great events. During this exceptional project, I would like to present Lithuania as a country of creative women active in cultural and social life. Lithuania cherishes its ceramic traditions, which range from black pottery - - the oldest and most popular in our country - - to Raku pottery, reduction and porcelain products. Ceramic artists are trained at the Lithuanian Academy of Arts. Many Lithuanian ceramic artists have been recognized all over the world, but most importantly, the largest and most active are represented by women. Hence, joining the Matres Festival will definitely be a rewarding experience. This is not a good time for anyone, and above all, for ceramic artists, because the pandemic has resulted in suspended exhibitions and stopped sales. However, a new experience induces us to participate, to resist and to fight to achieve our set goals. Lithuania opens up and life returns to retake its path. I suggest our experience will be reflected in new works and exhibitions. Therefore, this collective and communion of interests takes on great value. The city of Kaunas - - located right in the center of Lithuania; a former temporary capital and the country’s second largest in population and importance - - is called the city of science, creativity and students. Kaunas is located at the crossroads of two rivers - - a cozy old town, mentioned as early as the 10th century; nowadays, hosting a population of about 300,000 inhabitants. 2022 is Kaunas’ year as the European Capital of Culture. The city is preparing for this joyous cultural event. Lithuanian professional ceramics exhibitions, fairs, educational events and many other cultural celebrations are planned. We intend to present an "Italian Days" program linked with the city of Cava de' Tirreni. We will be pleased to welcome you all, to have the opportunity to be together, to communicate and embrace each other. Our city invites all guests to get to know, explore, hear, touch and taste our culture and create TOGETHER. We intend to involve all guests and residents in the creative transformation of the city. Kaunas hides a secret that must be discovered. I invite everybody to dive into wonderful Kaunas discoveries this year. Kaunas 2022 invites you to a hospitable city that has a special aura full of culture and creation - - the modern former capital has not lost its identity nor the charm of its historied, inviting quarters. We will be happy to accompany you to uncover all the extraordinary places of Kaunas 2022 - - the European Capital of Culture! I hope the day will come when we will be ready to invite you to organize the Matres Festival in Lithuania: an event that revolves around the woman creator, artist and mother who nourishes the world, brings peace and unites us all for one noble cause. This is another new topic in the field of Lithuanian contemporary art. We are taking the first steps. Nevertheless, we are open to talking, discussing and exchanging new ideas. We also seek to contribute to your great European mission. So, it would be great to discover this together with you all. Yours sincerely, Kristin


"...spring is just here outside the window. Our life in Lithuania has changed so much in a month that I can't believe it or recover from the shock. We are engaged in a whirlwind of war. All happens here and now. Our friends and colleagues are dying in Ukraine. We organize many charity events to support Ukraine. At this time, all thoughts are there ..... " K. A. Kaunas, March 24, 2022


Kristina Ancutaitè Expulsion
International Porcelain Symposium
Kaunas Capital of Culture 2022
Konstancija Dzimidaviciene, Circle of fire, reduction pottery
View of Kaunas
Logo of the Union of Lithuanian Artists
Kristina Ancutaitè


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