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President of the Korea Women Ceramist Association


Gumsun Kim

Conceptions and innovation in Korean contemporary ceramics

Hi, I am Gumsun Kim, the President of the KWCA. I am pleased to introduce the KWCA in the first issue of MATRES. KWCA is an abbreviation of Korea Women Ceramist Association ( It is an organization formed by female ceramic artists working in Korea. The organization consists of a president, four vice presidents, 30 operating directors and 130 members nationwide. As a female ceramic artist, KWCA will provide networking and mentoring opportunities to its members in relatively poor social, cultural and physical environments, to protect the inner strength and passion of our women associates. We will assist, foster and enable the development of ceramic artists that can adapt to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where digital technology is coming. KWCA will endeavor to become a ceramists group for women that can fulfill the cultural role of the times. In addition to growing artistically, we aim to become a happy artist group by mentoring each other and fulfilling our cultural responsibility to return that happiness to society. The main Association activities are: The members of each branch under their respective vice president gather in workshops 3 or 4 times per year to discuss workshop content and/or areas for study. Cultural and artistic exchanges are held once a year with world potters through exchange exhibitions with artists worldwide to promote their works by participating in pottery fairs or markets abroad and/or domestically. A contest is held once a year along with the regular exhibition to discover young artists and support their exposure to the community; five contests have been held as of the end of 2019. As women and artists who “create” culture, we wish to return something to society. For this reason, the proceeds of the exhibition are donated every year to organizations that are committed to the interests of women. We have a very special relationship with the Italian Pandora women ceramist group and its President, Anna Rita Fasano. I hope that we will be able to hold various events together in the future, such as exchange exhibitions and art fairs all around the world. Congratulations to the Italian Women's Ceramic Artists Association on the launch of MATRES magazine.


The history of Korean ceramics begins in the Neolithic Age around 5000 BC with earthenware featuring string-like decorations attached to the surface, to Celadon glazes and white porcelain first appearing around the 10th century, to modern ceramics of the present day. Today, ceramic works in Korea are largely divided into traditional and contemporary pieces. In many cases, both processing methods are used. The artists are free to decide which method and technique to use to express the concept they wish to depict with their work, which can be classified as a work of traditional craftsmanship or as an artistic piece. There are infinite methods and techniques for expressing oneself in the field of ceramics, and each artist is constantly looking for the most appropriate method for their own artistic expression. Some of the works depicted are made with traditional techniques, others with contemporary ceramic methods.



Works created using contemporary techniques
KWCA and Associazione Pandora Artiste Ceramiste
MATRES KOREA INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF WOMEN'S CERAMICS, Woljeon Museum 25 -29 September 2019, Icheon - Korea
Photo by Andrea Morelli


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