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Exhibition with awards in the context of the Matres Festival and catalog printing


Officine Ceramiche Award (by Pandora Ceramiste& CeramicaAlta) is the project of the Pandora association that has been promoting international contemporary ceramics since 2018. It is a non-profit event. The project is distinguished by its multidisciplinarity, embracing the world of contemporary art, design and decorative arts. Its mission is carried out through a gallery, a workshop, a publishing house and a biennial award; these realities work independently, but are united by the same spirit of refinement, selection and innovation. The Officine Ceramiche Award follows each project supported by a young and passionate team. Together with its international partners, it has developed a network that over the years has played a fundamental role in spreading the culture of ceramics in Italy and abroad. As a corollary of the exhibition, a catalog will be prepared and sent to every participant in the show.

The competition is open to all artists and designers who use ceramics as an artistic language, with no age limit, emerging or established, both individuals and part of a collective, with no thematic constraints, without any restriction of gender or nationality.

Registration is open for the 1st edition of Officine Ceramiche Award. The biennial competition supports and promotes artists who work with ceramics in contemporary art and collectible design. Up for grabs € 2000 and numerous secondary prizes in collaboration with important international partners. The work changes, the place of work changes: objects, equipment, tools. The Officine Ceramiche Award competition wants to present, together with the results of long-term trends, also the solutions suggested by the most recent circumstances and by the new balances imposed by the pandemic. Even when the emergency is over, the workplace will be different. The design competition linked to the MATRES 2022 event invites designers and artists to reflect on new scenarios, with particular attention to product sustainability and the use of green raw materials.

Officine Ceramiche Award promotes the crossing of the boundary between contemporary art, collectible design and applied arts; therefore, it invites artists and designers to submit sculptures, handmade objects of use, even if only partially produced in ceramic (the non-prevalent use of other materials is allowed) created in the last two years. The work will be a unique or limited edition work owned by the nominated artist and must not have won other awards. Only one work may be submitted. For exhibition reasons, works smaller than 250x250x200 cm are preferred; any larger works will be evaluated by the jury.

The works will be evaluated during the course of the event and the prizes are awarded at the closing ceremony on August 28 2022.

Jury selection prize € 2000 Second prize € 1000 Third prize € 500

Signal award (the equivalent of € 300 in ceramic material), awarded by the popular jury formed by the public that during the days of the Matres Festival will express its preference by card. Audience award - A winner of the audience, drawn by lot from the voting cards of the works in competition, will win a weekend in an Italian city.

The Jury of the competition will be composed of experts and personalities in the field of ceramic art and ceramic technique with proven professional experience; it will make a selection based on criteria established in a collegiate way and that will focus on aesthetic qualities, originality of execution of the object. The Jury will announce the winners on Sunday morning.

The Popular Jury, 2nd Jury, for public’s votes on works, is formed by a representation of the voting public and will decide on Sunday evening during the closing of the event.

La Giuria si riunirà per la visione delle opere finaliste e sceglierà il vincitore del primo premio ed i premi secondari.

Il giudizio della Giuria sarà insindacabile

Registration must be made only by filling out the online form, attaching the required documentation. THE CALL IS OPEN TO ALL (MEN AND WOMEN)

Le iscrizioni sono aperte online sul sito fino alle ore 24.00 del 20 LUGLIO 2022.

Participation is open to all. The registration fee is 30€ for candidates over 35 years old and 20€ for candidates under 35 years old (or for who is 35 years old at the time of registration); while the exhibition is free for students of Art Institutes, for students of the Faculty of Architecture and the Academy of Fine Arts.

The registration fee is intended solely to contribute to the costs of organization and the award. The registration fee is not refundable. Each participant may submit 1 (one) work of free interpretation.

Participants are required to declare that the works submitted are their property. If they have been submitted to other exhibitions or competitions, participants must declare it, under penalty of exclusion from the exhibition. Officine Ceramiche Award (by Pandora Ceramiste&CeramicaAlta) guarantees the utmost care in the organization and exhibition regarding the Award; however, the organization declines all responsibility for any theft, fire or damage of any kind to the works that may occur during the event.

The selected authors will be contacted about the shipment. The works must be received by August 19 2022. The shipment of the finalist works is the responsibility of each artists. It is required to respect the minimum safety standards in handling and professional packaging of ceramic artworks.

Alle domande d’iscrizione dovranno obbligatoriamente essere allegate:

I lavori degli autori finalisti saranno esposti dal 25 al 28 agosto 2022 negli spazi del Complesso Monumentale di San Giovanni di Cava de’ Tirreni. L’allestimento della mostra sarà a cura esclusiva di Officine Ceramiche Award (by Pandora Ceramiste& CeramicaAlta). La cerimonia di premiazione avverrà nella cerimonia di chiusura del 28/08/2022 in presenza dei giurati, dei partner, della stampa e del pubblico.

Il Comitato di Esperti vaglierà tutte le candidature e sceglierà i lavori dei finalisti che saranno esposti nella mostra dedicata Gli artisti autori selezionati saranno contattati entro il 31 luglio 2022. Gli autori non potranno comunicare divulgare la propria partecipazione su social networks, newsletter e sul proprio sito web, prima della comunicazione ufficiale di Officine Ceramiche Award (by Pandora Ceramiste& CeramicaAlta).

La partecipazione al concorso implica l’accettazione incondizionata del bando. Un’apposita giuria di esperti selezionerà le opere e il giudizio della stessa è insindacabile.Il pagamento della quota d’iscrizione deve essere effettuato dopo l’esito della selezione entro il 20 /8/2022

Causale - “NOME COGNOME” seguito da “AWARD ENTRY”.

Current account of the Association Pandora Artiste Ceramiste.


IBAN IT 93 A 02008 76171 000102973367

The quotas will be used for the construction of a dedicated section on the site, the communication and the printed catalog.

For information contact the organizing secretariat: [email protected]  

Fill out the form for the call "AWARD ENTRY" AWARD ENTRY


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