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Officine Ceramiche Award (by Pandora Ceramiste& CeramicaAlta) is the project of the Pandora association that has been promoting international contemporary ceramics since 2018. It is a non-profit event.

The project is distinguished by its multidisciplinarity, embracing the world of contemporary art, design and decorative arts. Its mission is carried out through a gallery, a workshop, a publishing house and a biennial award; these realities work independently, but are united by the same spirit of refinement, selection and innovation. The Officine Ceramiche Award follows each project supported by a young and passionate team. Together with its international partners, it has developed a network that over the years has played a fundamental role in spreading the culture of ceramics in Italy and abroad. As a corollary of the exhibition, a catalog will be prepared and sent to every participant in the show.

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