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Matres Festival 2022 Call for Visions Exhibition

Exhibition with awards in the context of Matres


25/28 August 2022 Cava de 'Tirreni - Monumental Complex of San Giovanni

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Exhibition with awards in the context of the Matres Festival and catalog printing


The Matres Festival will develop around the theme "Naturantis"; the numerous events planned this year will be aimed at green evolution and the environment, just as the works on display in the shows at the Festival. The exhibition "Visions" will highlight the excellence of the territories of the ceramic artists from around the world, strengthening the "Women's Ceramics Project".
The Festival, through the visual suggestions of the works on display and the program as a whole, will focus on the need to act for a planetary evolution that recalls human consciousness to respect for the planet and the environment that surrounds us.
A call made of emotional experiences conveyed by art addressed to all the attendances of the Festival to underline the importance of protecting Mother Earth.
This theme has always been dear to the Association, for years it has promoted events and demonstrations to facilitate the meeting and comparison between different ceramic experiences and traditions, aimed at protecting the environment of the Italian territory and not only, to build a new global vision through women and their ceramic art.
The different traditional and / or innovative technical, artistic and linguistic expressions of ceramic art in support of the female universe and the environment will be expressed in the visions of the participating ceramic artists. The Mater Matuta is taken as a symbol of the Matres Festival for its arcane beauty and its symbolism as a generator of life in analogy to the clayey earth mother of our creations, a strength from which each of us draws to renew herself, to be reborn and to be fertile and vital in the creativity of the works that represent us. The human soul feels the need to go back on those steps, to love and breathe again the essence of this land and of a nature that knows how to be different in different contexts which must be protected.

The works will be evaluated during the course of the event and the prizes are awarded at the closing ceremony on August 28 2022.

Jury selection prize: € 2000

Second prize: € 1000

Third prize: € 500

Reporting Award (The award will be in ceramic material equivalent to the sum of € 300)

Young Talent Recognition Award (under 36 years): a one-week artistic residency in Croatia at the eARTh Forest Residence

Prize of € 300, awarded by the popular jury made up of the public who, during the days of the Matres Festival, will express its preference by means of a card.

Audience Award: An audience winner, drawn from the voting cards of the works in competition, will win a weekend among Italian cities.

The Jury of the competition will be composed of experts and personalities in the field of ceramic art and technique with proven professional experience, they will make a selection based on criteria that will be established collegially and will focus on the aesthetic qualities, originality of the execution of the object. The Jury will determine the winners, who will be announced on Sunday morning. The judgment of the Jury will be unquestionable. The popular jury, second jury, for the public's votes to the works, is formed by a representation of the voting public and will rule on Sunday evening during the closing of the event.

Registration must be made only by filling out the form on the online platform of the Pandora Association website www.pandoraceramiste.it with attached required documentation.
THE CALL IS EXCLUSIVELY DEDICATED TO WOMEN CERAMISTS and those who have no less than 7 years of experience in ceramic art (except for students of Art Institutes and Academies of Fine Arts)

Applications must be edited from the site by midnight (Italian time) on July 20, 2022

Works by artists who will not be present at the Matres Festival International must have their work received by Tuesday, August 16, 2022. For those artists in attendance, they will receive a confirmation email and delivery of the work is by August 20, 2022.

Participation implies registration with the Pandora Association except for students.
The exhibition is free for students of Art Institutes and Academies of Fine Arts
For members, the participation fee is € 50 (organization and catalog costs) while for those who join, the registration fee is valid as a participation fee. The payment of the registration fee is € 100.00

The exhibition is open to all ceramic artists of all nationalities and to students of Higher Education Institutes.
Each participant can submit 1 (one) work of free interpretation.
The work may have any size.
The execution of the works with any ceramic technique is allowed; the works may also contain other materials. (max of 1 \ 3 of the work).
Participants are required to declare that the works presented are their property. If they were presented at other exhibitions or competitions, participants must declare it, under penalty of exclusion from the exhibition.
As a corollary to the exhibition, a print catalog will be prepared and sent to each participant admitted to the exhibition.

The following must be attached to the application:

Participation form

Participation in the exhibition implies registration with the Pandora Association * Payment of the registration fee of € 100.00 while for the participants already associated the participation fee is € 50.00

The quotas will be used for the construction of a dedicated section on the site, the communication and the printed catalog.

Participation in the competition implies unconditional acceptance of the call. A special jury of experts will select the works; its judgment is unquestionable.

Current account of the Association Pandora Artiste Ceramiste.
IBAN IT 93 A 02008 76171 000102973367

For information please contact the organizing secretariat: [email protected]   



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