Matres Terrae ceramics & design

The link between the reworked symbology of the Matres Matutae.


25 November 2021/5 January 2022 Provincial Campano Museum of Capua

It is always in the wake of our "Woman ceramic project", undertaken for years by the Pandora Artiste Ceramiste Association, that we promote the female ceramic exhibition "Matres Terrae" ceramics & design.
The link between the reworked symbolism of the Matres Matutae, a peculiarity of the Museum, taken as an icon of the International Festival of Female Ceramics conceived by the Association, a true brand of the Festival, and the partner context -cultural with an international scope that foresees the program of "Matres Terrae", will connote this event with uniqueness.
The Provincial Museum of Campania hosts in its rooms the most precious and singular of the collections: the "Matres Matutae", arcane sculptures beauty in tuff, depicting women seated with one or more babies in swaddling clothes in their laps, symbolic generators of life. The matres are life itself, the universe that emerges from the clay and is mixed with it from the very beginning. The earth has the power to unite with the primeval experience to the Great Mother, the primordial goddess of Nature, present in almost all mythologies. The Museum will be a true workshop of knowledge, a remote past that resurfaces from its finds as a source of study, inspiration and design in a contemporary version, for international artists, designers, students of artistic and university institutes. The Matres Terrae event will be a new opportunity to meet and compare different ceramic experiences and traditions of the Italian territory and foreigner. Ceramics are here the technical and expressive means chosen for an innovative creative research guided by a female gaze.


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