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Homo Faber

Homo Faber Event returns to Venice in 2022 from April 10 to May 1, an unprecedented cultural experience dedicated to high craftsmanship through 15 engaging exhibitions. For its second edition, the event shines a spotlight on the excellence of art masters internationally, with a special focus on the masters of Japan, the revered craft traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun and its influence on European art creativity and craftsmanship. Taken together, the exhibits highlight a wide range of materials and skills, from endangered traditional crafts to cutting-edge contemporary techniques. Among the many exhibits, the exhibition "The Virtuosi della porcellana," curated by David Caméo and Frédéric Bodet, is a celebration of contemporary porcelain in Europe and Japan, with works by master ceramists Katsuyo Aoki (Japan), Tamsin van Essen (UK) and Ruth Gurvich (France), along with pieces from the Meissen, Sèvres, Nymphenburg and Bernardaud manufactories.