From Pandora to Matres


President of APS Pandora Artiste Ceramiste

Cava de’ Tirreni SA Italy

Anna Rita Fasano

And here we are on a new adventure; a new narrative on women - - protagonists in their world dedicated to ceramics in an authentic and singular way. The goal is to celebrate those women who, in an age of gender equality often still distant, can feel comfortable in telling about themselves, no longer with conventional news of their work, their ideas and their common passion, but going through the world of ceramics in an absolute way, feeling like mothers of the Earth. That clayey earth is the origin of our creations, the strength that each of us draws on to renew ourselves, to be reborn and to be fertile and vital in the creativity of our works representing us. The Pandora experience that expands, radiates in many places and workshops and promotes women who get involved without problems, without obligations other than the need to be there, to be part of something that exists thanks to each of them. This unanimity satisfies them because it unites them to a common goal. I don't know if it’s the desire to emerge as artists through exhibitions to make themselves more visible to more people or the desire to meet like-minded souls and being a woman that moves this big family that is Pandora! The ancient art of ceramics is the field of study, research and experimentation of the multivoiced "Pandora" association: equal and different, the women of the world in front of "forms, symbols and colors." The contemporary condition of women, particularly reflected in the profession of ceramist, has been the driving force behind the "Progetto Ceramica Donna" that the association has always supported for a new collective imagery that starts from women and their social role, without opposition to men but for a renewed and emancipated sociality. The Association Pandora Artiste Ceramiste was founded in 2013 in Cava de' Tirreni, an ancient city of ceramic tradition, with the desire to promote the action of women in the arts, with the intent to offer support and opportunities for redemption to those who find themselves in uncomfortable conditions. Over the years, the association has responded to a need for artistic representation declined to and thought for women, using the tool of ceramic know-how as an attractor and element of growth; as a source of social aggregation directed to a new self rediscovery. Ample space has been given to the transmission of knowledge through didactics curated by national and international master ceramists who have taken it upon themselves to bring newcomers to the art of ceramics. Among these figures, some are among the most important ceramists at international level. The response offered by the Pandora Association to a need for artistic representation declined to and thought for women is represented as a culminating moment by the "Matres - International Festival of Women’s Ceramics" (born in 2018): this year’s new, beautiful 3rd edition is dedicated to nature and green ecology, which the association has been pursuing for some years as a way of raising awareness. Ceramics here become the technical and expressive means for an innovative creative research guided by a feminine gaze, sensitive to the preservation of the earth - - an opportunity to manifest the aptitude of women to express values, projects, personalities and paths linked to contemporaneity, in art, culture and ceramic craftsmanship - - its purpose to also understand how to interpret and sensitize as many possible on the important issue of ecological emergency, which requires care of the Planet as a priority, since pollution affects the ecosystem and our health. The festival will be a special edition that, through the beauty of ceramic art, can also rattle human consciences regarding the use of clay to reduce waste and pollution caused by bad habits and the inability to recycle; a festival that will speak about art and social responsibility. Over the years, Pandora has given rise to concrete territorial requalification operations, attentive to the link between associations, institutions and local entrepreneurship, with tangible effects on tourism and the economy, and whose distinctive feature has always been the project of women for a different vision of society. The Pandora Association directs its activity towards the promotion and diffusion of ceramic art, activating collaborations with public and private organizations, confederations, schools, universities and foundations, both nationally and internationally. This magazine is just the beginning of a new all-female path from which to draw and disseminate a collective reservoir of emotions that is universal; all to be read and applied!


Pandora Association has provided answers to a need for artistic representation declined and thought for women, of which the "Matres - International Festival of Women’s Ceramics" represents the topical moment, giving relief and reason to the female specificity that distinguishes the association as a unicum on an international level.



Details of the collaborative work "Pandora Women of Earth Women of Fire." Brussels Parliament EU 29/9-2/10 2015. Since 2020, the work has been part of the contemporary collection of the National Archaeological Museum in Pontecagnano (SA).


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