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Matres Naturantis

Now in its fourth edition, finally in attendance after the two [...]

The way of clay

Ceramics with its four elements: air, water, earth, [...]

Natura naturantis

It is "Natura naturantis" that is the epicenter toward which he has turned [...]

Sahara Ceramics at Matres Festival 2022

That in the heart of the Algerian Sahara desert there existed a [...]

Between architecture design and ceramics

HOTEL PARCO DEI PRINCIPI "Blue sky, blue sea, blue islands, [...]

Symbola Collaborative work

Images from the Matres Havana Festival It recently concluded [...]

Creating with the soul

Since 2012, ceramist Debora Ciolli and Dr. Rita [...]

Iran without veils

When Iranian artist Dorna Abyak first lands [...]

Ceramica Ability

We all know that ceramic art is a unique tool for [...]

The substance of the form

In a world pervaded by images and connections that flow [...]

Happiness in a box Elisabeth Minichbauer

I am Elisabeth, a ceramic art teacher and designer of ceramic materials; [...]