Matres Festival 2020



28 — 30 AGOSTO 2020

The catalog of the Matres Festival Exhibition. 264 pages, 21x21 size, die-cut cover and hot tape.

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The biennial “Matres - International Festival of Female Ceramics” started in 2018 with the first edition. This event had great success, and gave rise to the opening of new delegations of the Association throughout Italy and Europe. Headquarters is in Cava de' Tirreni, the city currently identified as "Cava the city of women". Further strengthening of the Association's unique activity came from having been awarded internationally by the European group AEuCC (As. Città Cer.EU) in December 2018. The second edition of the Matres - International Festival of Female Ceramics, held from 28 to 30 August 2020, due to Covid 19 health emergency, took place in virtual form on a dedicated digital platform. It was a special edition: exhibitions, events, conferences, workshops and connections all around the world. Meetings based in Cava de’ Tirreni headquarters, in connection with the rest of the world, have spread culture and art in all its expressions. The events involved about 190 artists from 27 countries, more than 400 works selected and exhibited on the Association's website. "Matres" exhibition has been divided into three sections to allow all artists to partecipate in this global event with a quality selection: Matres Gold for a circle selected within the "Ceramica Alta" project among the world's greatest artists recognized in the ceramic field; Matres Silver for potters with professional experience in the ceramic field; Matres Copper for potters with experience in ceramics for at least five years.

The call for applications to join the 2022 Edition of Matres - Festival of Female Ceramics will shortly start.

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